Sohail is much more than a therapist or counselor. Our family was going through a crisis situation at the time we met him. He helped me and my husband to analyse the reality in the situation calmly, inspite of all the agitation around us. He was the string that held us together when our relation was on the verge of breaking. I could sense a strong “life CAN BE beautiful” attitude in him many times, when I myself gave up. Good news is, things did turn around!! Individual sessions helped me to realize the nature of my thinking/ behaviour that were actually hurting me unknowingly. Now, I can identify the pattern and quickly break it, before I get sucked into it. This allows me to appreciate how all my hardwork resulted in the fruits I have now and leap ahead, curious to see what is awaiting. I am stress free and happy 🙂 There is a goodness in him to help people in need than just doing it as a job. Three words to describe Sohail are Empathetic, Positive and Beleives in you.