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What is Counseling (Psychotherapy)?

Counseling is about revealing and treating whatever it is that stops you being truly yourself – thus freeing you to be happy and live life to the fullest.

What can counseling do for me?

There are tried and tested psychological techniques which would enable you to liberate yourself from worries, inhibitions, unhelpful beliefs, fears and past traumas.

I can work through these negative influences together, in a confidential, supportive environment so that you become free to really enjoy life, be the best that you can be and work towards your own goals.

What happens at the initial Consultation?

You tell me about yourself and your concerns.

I am usually able to give you some idea of what therapies and techniques are likely to be most helpful to you.

You will have the opportunity to ask any questions about me or Psychotherapy.

I then usually suggest that you reflect on our discussion and, if you decide to go ahead with Therapy, telephone in a day or two to make an appointment.

There is no pressure whatsoever to go ahead with treatment.

What happens in Therapy?

In our first session, I will ask you to talk freely about yourself, your family background and your life experience to date.

We address your issues and set goals to guide our ongoing work.

In subsequent sessions, we work on your goals and regularly review your progress.

I will be there to help and support you.


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