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Counseling Psychotherapy

What is Counseling (Psychotherapy)?

Talking to someone helps you to see your problems more clearly. It enables you to explore all the possible solutions and by doing so you can then face up to and learn to work through the causes of your distress or anxiety. Counseling aims to help you to help yourself, by understanding why you feel the way you do and by exploring and planning how you manage emotional and practical realities. Counseling gives you the space to explore who you are and what really matters to you. This can be a very positive experience. Counselors work in a way that enables you not to be dependent on them. They support you to believe in yourself and to trust your own judgment.

Common Myth

Some of the common Myths about counseling are:

Myth # 1
Seeing a counselor is a sign of weakness.
This couldn’t be further from the truth. Seeing a counselor helps to explore one’s feelings and emotions with a view to leading a more positive way of life is a sign of courage rather than of weakness. Problems and difficulties that are not dealt with do not simply go away, they can mount up and in time cause a major crisis.

Myth # 2
That counseling is only for people who have serious mental health problems or in crisis that you have to be completely unable to cope to consider counseling.
This is not true. Many people find counseling enables them to deal with specific problems such as relationship breakups or loss of family member. Those who attend counseling are ordinary people who wish to find ways of resolving their difficulties and working towards living a more healthy and positive lifestyle.

Who needs Counseling?

We all experience stressful times in our lives and sometimes it can feel a bit too much. No matter how hard we try, we feel unable to cope and we may feel depressed and anxious. Your doctor may have prescribed medication. A combination of medication and counseling often works very well.


Almost everyone can benefit from psycho-therapy. Many of us have feelings of emptiness in our lives, which we are not able to fill, despite repeated attempts. Psycho-therapists can help you lead a more fulfilling life. Last but not the least; they can help you break down the barriers that prevent you from achieving your goals and realizing your full potential.

How does Counseling help?

Counseling offers you a safe, confidential and non-judgmental setting to discuss issues that you may find distressing, confusing or painful. A counselor is trained to help you improve the situation.

Through a supportive and trusting relationship with your counselor, counseling will offer you an opportunity to:

  • Thoroughly explore and understand your situation, thought patterns, feelings and responses in order to bring about positive change.
  • Get a fresh perspective on your situation that will facilitate progress
  • Identify your strengths and most effective ways of coping
  • Learn a variety of skills and techniques to help you make the right changes & choices

The whole process gives you an opportunity for self-awareness and self-development as you are at the centre of this work

How is counseling different from getting support from a friend or a family member?

The aim of counseling is to work towards specific goals to improve your emotional wellbeing.

A well-qualified counselor is able to help you achieve this in a way that you feel fully accepted without being judged. A regular weekly session time is set just to work consistently and progressively on your challenges.

Unlike with a friend or a family member you can freely discuss your difficulties without worrying about burdening the other person.

The help that you get is professional and confidential.


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